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Scarecrow Security is a division of Integrated Media Systems, LLC, a custom electronics integration company with a 15-year track record located in Birmingham, AL. We use the latest in intrusion alarm systems and have an excellent communications center that will respond very quickly, usually in less than 30 seconds. Our communications center is locally owned and operated and is UL-approved.

Our systems are meant to work seamlessly within a given structure’s and the client’s boundaries, providing a “custom fit” solution. Many years of experience have taught us what to look for and what key questions to ask to lead us to the electronic design that fits you, within your time line and budget. Our project managers average 15 years plus in the industry.

We sell and install the best, and most proven, technology available. You’ll find our friendly and down-to-earth approach refreshing without the arrogance and hype generally associated with high-tech products, and we will work hard to make the entire process enjoyable. After all, this is functional entertainment and it should be fun! Call for an appointment today to discuss the design for your project.

AESBL #1457 (Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure)The AESBL Seal. One more reason you can trust Scarecrow Security.

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• Affordable  security without the hype

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The AESBL Seal. One more reason you can trust Scarecrow Security.As a division of Integrated Media Systems and an AESBL (Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure) licensed company, we are mandated to a level of customer service that is unmatched.

AESBL #1457